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In this episode Gerry and I take a tough hike high up into the San Gorgonio Wilderness to check out the Washington Initial Survey Point built in 1852. Along the way we tackle 4800 feet of gain over a tough 16.5 miles to get to the summit of nearby San Bernardino Peak at 10,649 feet.


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In this episode we hunker down to weather another thunderstorm before packing up camp and hiking out of the Hilton Lakes Basin.

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In this episode Gerry, Dave and I explore the Upper Hilton Lakes Basin Lakes 3,4,5 & 6 before a fast approaching thunderstorm sends us scurrying back to camp.

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Episode 153 Hilton Lakes Adventure Part Two


In this second part of our adventure into the Hilton Lakes Basin of the Eastern Sierras we take a day hike from our basecamp at Hilton Lake 2 down around Davis Lake and explore a waterfall.

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IN this adventure Dave, Gerry and I embark on a four day adventure into the Hilton Lakes Basin where we set up a base camp at Hilton Lake #2 before exploring Davis Lake, a hidden waterfall and Lakes No. 3,4,5 6 and 7. Along the way we take in some amazing scenery and dodge 3 thunderstorms. 

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In this episode I take a tough solo hike into a remote region of the Cleveland National Forest along the Cutca Trail to see Eagle Crag. Along the way I battle high heat, poison oak and poodle dog bush.

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In this episode I take a quick solo dayhike near Idyllwild California to explore the lower San Jacintio Mountains and find the South Fork of the San Jacinto River.

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In this episode I take a solo hike out to Chiquito Falls hidden deep in the Cleveland National Forest. I also talk about kilts, their history and Naked Hiking day along the Appalachian Trail. I even do a little naked hiking myself. 


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In this final segment of our Yosemite Adventure we pack up camp at Glen Aulin and head up over Tuolumne Falls our our way out of the Tuolumne River Basin. 


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In this fourth part of our Yosemite Adventure we pick up camp at Cathedral Creek and hike past Waterwheel, LeConte and California Falls enroute to our camp at Glen Aulin.

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In this episode we pack up camp at Pate Valley and head up river to Cathedral Creek. Along the way I injure myself crossing the river and we climb the tough Muir Gorge.

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In this episode we shuttle down to the White Wolf Campground and begin our backpack trip stopping at our first night's destination of Pate Valley

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In this first part of our adventure in Yosemite National Park, Dave, Gerry and I head up to Tioga Pass and get ready for a four day backpack trip along the Grand Canyon of Yosemite, The Tuoloume River.

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In this episode Gerry and I tackle the other two summit along the Mt. Williamson ridge before hiking down the PCT toward Angeles Crest Highway.

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In this episode Gerry and I take a hike up to the top of Mount Williamson high up in the Angeles National Forest.



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In this episode I take a solo hike up Monserate Mountain near Fallbrook California.

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In this episode Lindsey and I take a stroll through the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve in San Diego County


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In this second part of the Barefoot to Boots podcast I talk about some cold weather options for the trail.

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 In this last part of our adventure into the John Muir Wilderness near Mammoth Mountain California we pack up camp at Purple Lake and hike back up and over Duck Pass to our cars at the Coldwater Campground. Along the way I talk to a few John Muir Trail Thru-Hikers and we encounter a fast moving storm system.

Trip Photos

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In this episode we take a quick day hike up along the John Muir Trail above Purple Lake to visit nearby Virginia Lake


Trip Photos



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In part two of our backpacking adventure near Mammoth Mountain California we pick up where we left off at Duck Pass. In this episode we hike down into Pika Lake for our first nights camp. In the morning we reclimb Duck Pass and head along the legendary John Muir Trail to our next nights destination at Purple Lake

Trip Video Duck Pass to Pika Lake

Trip Photos

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In this episode we begin our four day adventure deep into the John Muir Wilderness near Mammoth Lakes California. Hiking along the Duck Pass Trail from Lake Mary we begin our backpack trip.

Trip Photos

Trip Video

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In this episode I take a solo spring hike to one of the tallest waterfalls in San Diego County.


Trip Video

Trip Photos


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In this episode Dave, Gerry, Mike and I explore Joshua Tree National Parks interior and visit the Cholla Garden, Arch Rock, Skull Rock, Cap Rock, Keys View, Barker Dam and the Wall St. Mill.



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In part one of a two part episode Dave, Gerry, Mike and I spend a few days in Joshua Tree National Park and camp out at Indian Cove and explore Rattlesnake Canyon.

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In this episode Dave, Gerry and I set off on an extreme dayhike to the tallest peak in Southern California. At 11,503 feet San Gorgonio is a tough climb on the Vivian Creek Trail, the shortest and steepest route to the top.

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In this episode Lindsey and i take a drive up through Malibu California to the Los Liones Trail and reach the Parker Mesa Overlook, one of the best scenic viewpoints along the California Coastline.

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In part two of the clothing layering system I continue my discussion about how to put together a simple system of ase layer bshirts, midlayers and outer layers to keep you warm in the backcountry.


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In this episode I talk about my exciting adventure driving through a rare snowstorm in Southern California and talk about some of the different types, materials and styles of outerwear for your outdoor adventures. 

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Episode 126 Blankets, Bags & Bed Rolls

In this episode I talk a little about sleeping bags, wool blankets, quilts and other ways to stay warm on your overnight outdoor adventure

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Episode 125 Big Bear Adventure Final Chapter

In this fina chapter of our Big Bear Adventure we pack up camp at the Holcomb Creek Crossing Camp and head north on the P.C.T. toward Deep Creek. Along the way we run into an wise old hiker who gives us some warnings about a rattlesnake, cross the Deep Creek Bridge and meet a pair of hikers as we head towards our final destination at San Bernardino County Fire Station 92 in Lake Arrowhead.

Trip Photos

Trip Video on YouTube



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In this second part of our adventure in Big Bear we pack up at Little Bear Springs Trail camp and continue North on the Pacific Crest Trail toward Holcomb Creek Crossing Camp.

Along the way we hike through dry desert like conditions, meet a jeep caravan and finally get relief after finding water at Holcomb Creek.


Trip Video

Trip Photos



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In part one of our adventure in Big Bear we begin our trip at the Big Bear Discovery Center and hike up the Cougar Crest Trail to the Pacific Crest Trail before heading northbound toward our first nights destination at the Little Bear Springs Trail Camp


Trip Video - Big Bear Day One

Trip Photos - Big Bear to Lake Arrowhead


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Episode 122 Ontario Peak via Icehouse Canyon Trail

In this episode Gerry, Jacob, Dave and I take a hike up along Icehouse Canyon in the San Gabriel Mountains of Southern California to visit one of Los Angeles's highest peak.

Trip Video: Ontario Peak along Icehouse Canyon

Trip Photos: Slideshow on Photobucket



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Episode 121 Hats, Caps and Headcovers

In this episode I go on an adventure to find the perfect outdoor hat





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Episode 120 Bottles, Bags, Cups and Botas

In this episode I talk about the many ways to carry water on a day hike or backpack trip. From the Old Bota Bags to the Canteens and all the way to the modern day Nalgene Bottle. I also talk about the old Sierra Cup, the Kuksa and the Kupilska.



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Episode 119 Backpacking Stoves


In this episode I talk about the different types of backpack stoves and their uses. 

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In this episode I talk a little about what type of edged tool to use in the wilderness



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In this episode I talk about what's in my  fire kit and common ways to light a fire in the back country. 



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Episode 116 Suicide Rock

in this episode I take a quick solo hike up the Deer Springs Trail to the summit of Suicide Rock in Idyllwild California. Since this is the first hike I've done in this area since the tragic Mountain Fire that burned over 9,000 acres here last summer I wasn't exactly sure if the trail was even open .

I also wore my luna Sandals and a Mountain Hardwear Elkkommando Hiking Kilt and tested out a vintage piece of military gear... A Swiss Army Breadbag.


Trip Photos- Slideshow of the hike


Video of my Adventure - Hike up Deer Springs Trail

Video Review of my Swiss Army Bread Bag - Filmed on top Suicide Rock


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Episode 115 El Nino, The P.C.T. and Eagle Rock

In this episode I talk a little about the unusualy dry weather we're having, the Pacific Crest Trail and our adventure to visit Eagle Rock

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Episode 114 Dripping Springs Adventure

In this episode I take a 15 mile solo hike along the Dripping Springs Trail in the Cleveland National Forest just a few miles east of Temecula California.

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Episode 113 Bigfoot & Close Encounters with Creepy Things

In this episode I relate some personal stories of unusual and creepy things I've seen in the woods and touch on subjects as Bigfoot, Cattle Mutilations and Ghosts


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Episode 112 The High Trail

In this final episode of our Ansel Adams adventure we head past Badger Lakes while passing the River Trail to reach the High Trail. From here we hike along sagebrush plains with vistas reaching for hundreds of miles across the Ritter Range of Light.


Trip Video

Trip Photos

Time Lapse Video of Thousand Island Lake Camp



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Episode 111 Thousand Island Lake

In this episode we awoke to crystal clear skies over picturesque Garnet Lake and get in a little fishing before heading up the John Muir Trail past Ruby and Emerald Lakes to Thousand Island Lake. Along the way Mike meets an amateur photographer who takes a stunning photo of him fishing at Garnet Lake and we endure a frightning thunderstorm at Thousand Island Lake.


Trip Video - Garnet to Thousand Island Lake on You Tube

Trip Photo Album


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Episode 110 Garnet Lake

In this fourth part of our adventure into the Ansel Adams Wilderness we wake up to  crystal clear skies at Ediza Lake and begin our adventure along the John Muir Trail to Garnet Lake.  Along the way we have a rude encounter with an angry old man, meet a father with two sons hiking all the way from Yosemite and I talk to a solo lightweight hiker from Carpenteria.


Trip Photos


Trip Video




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In this episode of Anthony's Audio Journal we continue up the trail from Agnew Meadows to Ediza Lake. Along the way we pass the legendary John Muir Trail and explore some of the most beautiful and most scenic spots the High Sierra's have to offer.  

Trip Video - Day Two Shadow Lake to Ediza

Trip Photos


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Episode 108 Shadow Lake Trail

In this episode we begin day two of our adventure into the Ansel Adams Wilderness and start our backpack trip along the Shadow Lake Trail. Along the way we past the horrific remains of devastating hgh winds and meet two brothers hiking all the way into Yosemite. 

Trip Video - Shadow Lake Trail to Ediza

Photos - Coming Soon


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Episode 107 Ansel Adams Adventure Part One - Hwy 395 to Red's Meadow

In this first part of our adventure into the Ansel Adams Wilderness we take a drive up Highway 395 along the backside of the Sierras and make a quick stop in the Alabama Hills on our way to our first night's destination in Red's Meadow.


Trip Photos - Coming Soon

Video of our adventure

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Episode 106 Stonewall Peak Night Hike

In this episode we take a night hike up to the summit of Stonewall Peak to see the Perseid Meteor Showers of 2013. As part two of our adventure into the Cuyamaca Rancho State Park continues this episode picks up at campsite 21 of the Paso Pachaco Campground.

Video of our adventure

Trip Photos


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Episode 105 Cuyamaca Peak Adventure

In this episode we take a quick day hike up to the second tallest summit in San Diego County to see Cuyamaca Peak.  Along the way we hike through regrowth from the 2003 Cedar Fire, the largest wildfire in California History and visit the site of one of the last fatal Mountain Lion attacks.  


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Episode 104  Backpacking 101 Shelters

In this episode of Anthony's Audio Journal, I'll give you all the information you need to help you make a decision on what type of shelter is right for you. I talk about the different types of tents from the standard three-season backpack tent to the four season winter tent.  I also talk about tarps, bivys and my favorite, the hammock.


Video's by Shug

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Episode 103 Backpacking 101 The Backpacks

In Part One of my series about the Basics of Backpacking I talk about the backpack. I discuss what features you'll most likely need for a multi day outing and what has worked or not worked for me in the past.  


Photos:  Backpacks and My inventory in the field

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Episode 102 Tahquitz Peak Fail

In this episode Gerry and I attempt to make a spring summit fo Tahquitz Peak using the Devil's Slide Trail and get more snow than we bargained for.  We also scale a lesser known peak and meet a father and son team who spent a few nights in the San jacinto Wilderness.




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Episode 101 Mt. Woodson's Potato Chip Rock


In this episode I take a solo hike during Spring Break to the top of Mt. Woodson in Poway California to see an unusual rock formation called Potato Chip Rock.  Along the way I explore the magnificient scenery of Lake Poway and dramatic views across inland San Diago.

Video on Mt. Woodson Trail



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Episode 100 M*A*S*H Site and the Rock Pool

In this episode we take a hike in Malibuu Creek State Park to visit the filming location of one of Americas most loved television shows M*A*S*H*.  We also explore other parts of this fabulous but hidden state park such as the Rock Pool, Century Lake and Dam.


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Episode 99 Death Valley Adventure remastered

This episode is a remastered edition of Anthony's Audio Journal, "Episode 10" Death Valley Adventure.  The original episode was tragically lost on a server but I recovered an earlier version and remastered i

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Episode 98 California's Cold War Missile Bases

In this episode I learned about the Cold War history of California's Nike Missile Bases and take a short hike to the top of San Vincente Mountain to visit the last remains of our Cold War history.


Fort Mac Arthus Museum - overall history

Lists of Nike Missile Sites - detailed descriptions

Military Standard - detailed infomation

L.A. Mountains.Com - San Vincente Mountain Park 

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Episode 97 Rustic Canyon's Nazi Compound

In this episode I take a drive up to the Pacific Palisades near Malibu California to locate a hidden Nazi compound deep within Rustic Canyon.  Along the way we climb down over 600 steps and visit the remains of an old power station, residence, fuel storage tank and explore the grounds of the Murphy Ranch.

Trip Photos:

Video of our Adventure:


Murphy Ranch - Modern Hiker, GPS info, maps, photos

Murphy Ranch - Hikespeak, photos, directions, history

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Episode 96 Yosemite Adventure Final Chapter

In this final episode of our Yosemite Adventure we meet a pretty girl in a pink tank top and take a hike up to the summit of one of Yosemite's most famous landmarks, Half Dome.  We also have another encounter with a bear while at the Sunrise Creek Camp along the John Muir Trail

Trip Video - Half Dome

Photos - All of them


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Episode 95 Clouds Rest

In this episode we continue our adventure from our first nights camp at Sunrise Lakes and hike up and over Clouds Rest in Yosemite National Park.  After, we hike along sun exposed trails with magnificent views across Yosemite until reaching out camp along the John Muir Trail at Sunrise Creek.  Nightfall brings with it a terrifying encounter with a black bear.

Video - Part Two from Sunrise Lakes over Clouds Rest

Trip Photos 


Yosemite Hikes - Clouds Rest Trail

Bear Awareness - Sierra.Gov keeping bears wild

Direct download: Episode_95_Clouds_Rest.mp3
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Episode 94 Cathedral Lakes Trail Part One

In this first part of a three part episode we take a hike along the Cathedral Lakes Trail in one of America's most famous National Parks

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In this episode I pick up where I left off at the top of the Half Dome Trail near the bottom of the sub dome.

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Episode 92 Conquest of Half Dome Part One

In this episode of Anthony's Audio Journal Troy and  Larry accompany me to Yosemite National Park and I try, once again, to hike up to the summit of legendary Half Dome. Along the way we learn just how volatile the weather can be in the high sierras, meet some interesting people and test my strength and determination against one of America's classic hiking challenges, all coming up in this edition of Anthony's Audio Journal, "The Conquest of Half Dome".

Video Journal in HD

Trip Photos


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Episode 91 San Gorgonio Mountain on the South Fork Trail

In this episode Gerry, Mike and I take a hike up the South Fork Trail to the summit of San Gorgonio Mountain, the tallest peak in Southern California.  Along the way we meet the headwaters of the Santa Ana River and run across the remains of a plane crash while enroute to the 11,503 foot summit.

Trip Photos -  Photos of our adventure

Video Journal - Part One South Fork Trail to San Gorgonio Mountain

                      Part Two Down the Dollar Lake Trail


Direct download: Episode_91_San_Gorgonio_Mountain.mp3
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In this episode I take a solo hike along the Pacific Crest Trail just outside of Warner Springs California to see Eagle Rock, a unique rock formation shaped amazingly like an eagle with its wings spread.

Trip Photos

Trip Video


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In this episode I take a hike along the Whitewater River just outside of Palm Springs to enjoy the Whitewater and Mission Creek Preserves.

Trip Photos

Video of our adventure


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In this episode I take a unusually warm winter trip up to Palomar Mountain State Park and test out my Vibram Five Finger Trek KSO's for a trail run around the Thunder Springs and Chimney Flats Trails.

Photos: Thunder Springs Trail Photos

Video: Shot in High Definition


Direct download: Episode_88_Thunder_Springs_Chimney_Flats_Trails.mp3
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In this episode I take a unusually warm winter trip up to Palomar Mountain State Park and test out my Vibram Five Finger Trek KSO's for a trail run around the Thunder Springs and Chimney Flats Trails.

Photos: Thunder Springs Trail Photos

Video: Shot in High Definition


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Episode 87 Barefoot Running Experiment

In this episode I relate the trails and tribulations as I delve into the world of Barefoot Running.  I discover a whole new world of Barefoot or Minimalist Running after accidently discovering the fascinating form of exercise while doing research for a new pair of running shoes.

Photo Links:

Video Links:


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Episode 86 Vasquez Rocks and the Musical Road

In this episode I headed out to Agua Dulce California and explored the Vasquez Rocks Natural Area before taking an unusual drive down a Magical Musical road.

You've probably never heard of the Vasquez Rocks before but I guarentee you've seen them.  Used as a backdrop for many television shows commercials and feature films, the jagged up-tilted rocks resemble the great desert sougthwest or alien planet landscapes.


TV, Film and Commercial Links

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Episode 85 Backcountry Bargains

Every year millions of people throughout the United States eagerly await the day after Thanksgiving, the official start of the Christmas shopping season. On this special day merchants offer their deepest discounts to entice shoppers into their stores, some items advertised for even less than they cost, called, "Loss Leaders".

According to the latest figures as many as 152 million people plan on shopping during the Black Friday weekend and spend a whopping 9.7 billion dollars. In this episode I tell you my secrets for finding great deals on clothing and gear to add to your gear closet without breaking your budget.

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Episode 84 Yosemite Adventure Part Two The Mist Trail

In this episode,the day of our hike up to Half Dome had finally arrived and we put on our rain gear and headed up the Mist Trail toward lovely Vernal and Nevada Falls

Trip Photos

Video in High Definition


Music Links:

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Episode 83 Yosemite Adventure Part One

In this episode Dave, Gerry, Mike and I head up to Yosemite National Park and explore the magnificent valley before setting up camp at the Upper Pines Campground. Along the way we check out Bridleveil and Yosemite Falls and Yosemite Village.  Rain pounds our camp but doesn't damper our enthuiasm while we prepare for our hike up Half Dome.

Trip Photos

Video in High Definition


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Episode 82 Elfin Forest Recreational Preserve Podcast

 II wanted to get in one last tough trail to better prepare myself for Half Dome and in this episode I decided to head off to the Elfin Forest Recreational Preserve's Way Up and Lake Hodges Overlook Trails. 

One of San Diego Countys most precious natural resources, the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve offers approximately 11 miles of hiking, mountain biking, equestrian trails, as well as primitive picnic areas and scenic mountain viewing points. In addition, the natural beauty of the Reserve includes such native plant communities as oak riparian, oak woodland, coastal sage scrub and chaparral. 

In this episode I hike up to the Lake Hodges Overlook and check out the sights along the way. I experiment with my new Canon Camera and GoPro HD Helmet rigged up with a Chesty harness.


TRAIL VIDEO - shot in High Definition



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Episode 81 Cucamonga Peak Day Hike

  In this episode, Gerry, Dave and I take a hike up Icehouse Canyon to visit the summit of Cucamonga Peak, one of the tallest and most prominent Peaks in the Los Angeles Basin.  At an elevation of 8859 feet, it sets itself apart from nearby Ontario Peak and others overlooking the southland, and its sheer drop to the west affords a magnificent view over southern California.

Hike Photos

Video on the hike in High Definition


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Episode 80 Over the Edge

In this episode I talk about the recent rash of hiking accidents and deaths in and around some of America's best loved waterfalls.

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Episode 79 Santa Margarita River Trail

In this episode I take a hike along the banks of the Santa Margarita River in Fallbrook California, one of the few remaining wild rivers left in the state.  I had been to a small section of this scenic river a few years back on a short hike with my dog and it was time I returned for more exploration.


I shot an HD video of my solo adventure. Be sure to check out the video on Youtube

Click here for video

I also took photos along the way

Click here for photos.


Kayaking the Santa Margarita River

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A few years ago, National Geographic Magazine printed a list of their 100 greatest adventure novels based on input from their subscribers of their “Adventure Magazine”.  I remember seeing this list and was surprised just how many of the top 100 book I had read over the years. On days when I can’t get out into the wild I find it relaxing just sitting back reading a book about some of the most famous exploits of some of the greatest explorers the world has ever known.  Some folks are just born explorers while others just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and miraculously survive their ordeal and it makes for terrific reading.  I said that I enjoy a good book now and then to relax, well, some of this stories had me so knotted up, sweat rolled off my forehead while I read the horrifying accounts of mountaineers, artic explorers, sailors or jungle travelers.  In this podcast I take you along with me while I organize my book shelf. 

Maybe you’ve got some of these terrific adventures too, let’s go check it out.


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In this episode Gerry, John, Aaron and I head out to the Anza Borrego Desert State Park in inland San Diego County to visit the historic Goat Canyon Trestle, the tallest and longest curved wooden train trestle in the world, hidden away in the desolate Carrizo Gorge section of the desert.

Trip Photos

Video of our adventure in HD

Rattlesnake Encounter Video


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Episode 76 Santa Rosa Plateau

In this episode Dave and I take a scenic stroll through a magnificent 7,000 acre ecological preserve and explore its rare Vernal Pools, the Genesis of life for many endangered species.  We also check out the small Juan Moreno Adobe, the oldest building in Riverside County.  Along the way we enjoy a warm spring day and sprawling views over a grass covered mesa.  We also check out some of the last remaining Englemann Oaks in Southern California; All coming up in this episode of Anthony’s Audio Journal, The Santa Rosa Preserve.

Trip Photos

HD Video 

Trail Map


Santa Rosa Plateau

Vernal Pools

Engelmann Oaks


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Episode 75 Echo Mountain and the Mt. Lowe Railway


This episode is about our adventure to visit the historic remains of the Echo Mountain Resort and the Mt. Lowe Railway.  We hike up the Sam Merrill Trail to Echo Mountain and explore the foundations and walls of the former Echo Mountain House and Chalet while enroute to see tremendous views over the southland.  From here we headed up toward the Mt. Lowe Trail Camp and site of the Ye Alpine Tavern.  We also check out Inspiration Point before heading down the Castle Canyon Trail back to our cars.

Trail Photos

Video of our Adventure in HD


Mt. Lowe Preservation Society - History, timeline, photos 

Mt. Lowe Railway Historical Newsreel  - Classis B&W short film


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Episode 74 Tenaja Falls and Fisherman's Camp

This episode is about our short day hike to visit the Tenaja Falls and Fisherman's Camp in the San Mateo Canyon Wilderness of the Cleveland National Forest.  Dave and I enjoy the brilliant sunshine and unusually warm January temperatures to hike up the Tenaja Falls Trail.

With a drop of 140 feet, Tenaja Falls is one of the most scenic vistas along the Santa Ana Mountain range.  Timing is a big factor to view this waterfall at its grandeur and we made the hike just a few weeks after a large storm dumps 15 inches of rain into Southern California.

Fisherman's Camp is just a few miles off a spur trail from the Tenaja Falls Trail so Dave and I made the side trip to visit this historic fishing destination.




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Episode 73 Every Day Carry and the Bug Out Bag

In this podcast I talk about my exciting adventure trying to get home in the middle of one of the decades largest storms and how the contents of my Bug Out Bag saved the day.



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Episode 72 Poison Plant Podcast

In this episode I talk about poisonous and potentially dangerous plants you’ll most likely meet along the trail, how to identify them, how to avoid them and what to do if you’re accidently exposed to them.


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Episode 71 Mt. Palomar and the Observatory Trail


Palomar Observatory is located in San Diego County, California, in the Palomar Mountain Range. At approximately 5,570 feet elevation, it is owned and operated by the California Institute of Technology. . The telescopes of the Palomar Observatory are involved in a wide variety of astronomical research programs. The studies conducted here range from the hunt for near-Earth asteroids, to probing distant galaxies and quasars at the farthest reaches of the universe.

The Observatory Trail is a 5 mile round trip hike from the Observatory Campground up to the Hale Telescope and back that takes you through a canopy of oaks and shady pines.  This podcast is about my solo adventure up the Observatory Trail to visit the telescope.

In this episode I share a little bit of history about the construction and operation of the magnificent 200 inch Hale Telescope and throw in some music from the era to give it a vintage feel.


Trip Photos

Trail Video on Youtube (Watch in HD)

Take a ride on South Grade Road via Youtube

Mt. Palomar Observatory

South Grade Road High Speed Motorcycle Cam Video


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Episode 70 Mt. San Jacinto with the O.C. Communications Crew

In this episode John, Gerry and I tag along with the Orange County Communications crew as they attempt their annual hike from the Palm Springs Tram up to the summit of Mt. San Jacinto.


Mt San Jacinto is located just outside of Palm Springs California. At an elevation of 10, 804 feet, Mt. San Jacinto is the crown jewel of the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa Mountains division of the San Bernardino National Forest.  It features a steep north face that drops over 8,000 vertical feet in just over three linear miles, making it one of the most dramatic views in the west.  The trail from the lower parking area to the summit climbs over eight thousand feet and according to Backpacker Magazine, is one of the toughest day hikes in the United States.  Our adventure today is a little tamer but challenging just the same.


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Episode 69 Dinkey Lakes Trip Part Three


In this final episode about our Dinkey Lakes adventure we continue our day hike down Dinkey Creek and visit scenic Mystery Lake, Swede Lake and South lake as the threatening clouds thicken and swirl around the basin.  We also find ourselves off trail and meet up with some interesting fisherman and have a wildlife encounter.  Toward the end of the episode we pack up our camp and head out.  Along the way we finally meet the llamas and have an interesting conversation with the Llama Lady.




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Episode 68 Dinkey Lakes Trip Part Two

In this episode, Dave, Gerry, Mike and I hike up from Cliff Lake to spectacular views along a ridge then drop into the Dinkey Lakes Basin.  We hike past Rock Lake, Dinkey Lake #2 and eventually up to Island Lake.  Here we are treated to a scenic lake and chilly winds.  We make a group decision on which lake to set up our base camp and enjoy the Dinkey Lakes WIlderness.



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Episode 67 Dinkey Lakes Backpack Trip Part One

In this podcast Dave, Gerry, Mike and I embark on a 5 day adventure into the Dinkey Lakes basin on a four day backpack trip. We meet up at the High Sierra Ranger Station before spending the first night out at Trapper Springs Campground to acclimate near Courtright Reservoir.  The next morning we head up into the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness along the Cliff Lake Trail to our camp at a fabulous campsite at Cliff Lake.

In this episode I give an overview of the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness, talk about our gear and our first experiences along the Cliff Lake Trail.


Trip Photos

Video of our adventure


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Episode 66 Haunted Hikes and Tales


In this episode I talk about haunted hikes, some unique places where you'll most likely encounter a ghost and I tell a true story of my unique encounter with the paranormal and a possible homicidal maniac.

Villisca is a small town in Iowa and the scene of one of America's most grizzly murders.  I relay facts about the case and feature some audio clips about the murder weapon.  

Also featured is a story about an insane asyllum  in Upstate New York where over 400 abandoned suitcases were found, belonging to former patients that were kept at the institution before it closed in 1995.


Willard - From PRX.Org. Fascinating story - must sign up for free account to hear entire story.

Willard article about the suitcases

Photos - Photographs from Willard - eerie shots of empty buildings, creepy rooms.

More Willard Photos

Iron Goat Trail - Photos, trail info, history of the disaster.

Rolling Mill Mine Disaster Article

James Wolfe Sculpture Trail - Ghosts at the Incline ?


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Episode 65 Lost and Found and Frozen

Have you ever lost something on the trail before, later to find it? How about things you've lost never to get back, or things you might not know you've lost yet.  This podcast is about all things lost and found and frozen.  In this episode I relate some stories about things I've lost and found over the years.  I also talk about hikers that have become lost, and then found.  Some of them by accident when they thawed out.

I tell the tales of famous folk found frozen the likes of Steve Fossett, John Donovan, a WWII airman, a guy trapped inside a waterfall and many more.  I'll also talk about a zany account of six people all getting lost and found on the same trail on the same day.

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Episode 64 When Lightning Strikes

In this episode I’ll talk about when, where and how lightning strikes and give you some facts about lightning that you just might not know.  I’ll also talk about some real life encounters with  natures fury and shed some details on what to do if you’re caught in the outdoors with a storm approaching, what to do and what not to do and maybe even take a lighting quiz to test your knowledge. I’ll also discuss briefly what to do in the unfortunate occurrence that someone in you hiking party is the victim of a lightning strike.

Here are some interesting links to check out

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Episode 63 Mt. Whitney Revisited

In this episode I take a look back at my trip to Mt. Whitney, the highest point in the lower 48 states.  This podcast was lost when my podcast host server crashed and took all my earlier episodes with it.  Alas, I saved this one and thought I'd share it with my new listeners.


Also, I mention some interesting things in the news today and talk a bit about another past episode 53 Trouble at the Trailhead.



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Episode 62 Mt, Baldy Ski Hut Trail

This episode is about a day hike up to the summit of Mt. Baldy, the highest point in Los Angeles County California. We hike up the Sierra Club Ski Hut Trail, an intense 4,000 foot gain over four miles.  Along the way we pass the beautiful San Antonio Falls and work our way up to the Ski Hut built in the 1930's by early ski mountaineers and maintained by volunteers today.

We also pass the crash site of two World War II fighter planes and a spiritual location on the way to the narrow section of trail know as the Devil's Backbone.

Come along with Katie, Eric, John, Gerry and I as we experience, The Sierra  Club Ski Hut Trail to the top of Mt. Baldy

See the Photos

Watch the Video in HD

Mt. Baldy Ski Hut

WWII Hellcat Crash Photos

Mt. Baldy - The Sacred Site

World Peach Pilgrimage 2010




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Episode 61 The Name Game

This podcast is about some of the unusual names we see on our topographic maps while we are looking for interesting places to go hiking.  I found this great article that describes just how places get their names and who decides what gets approved and what doesn't.  I was always curious who did it, arn't you ?

U.S. Board of Geographic Names

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Episode 60 The Bridge to Nowhere

This podcast is about our adventure up the East Fork of the San Gabriel River to visit the Bridge to Nowhere and hopefully watch some bungee jumping.  A lot of people have seen bungee jumping on television, but don’t get the real perspective or the adrenaline rush from experiencing it first hand.

I had been up the East Fork a few years ago, and even did a podcast about the trip  but that trip was in mid August, when the water level was much lower and flowed with much less intensity that what we’d experience today.  This was mid spring; and the snowmelt and winter runoff was in full force.  This was going to be a much different hike than last time.




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Episode 59 Cahuilla Mountain Day Hike

This episode is about a day hike to the summit of Cahuilla Mountain in inland Riverside County California.  John and I check out the land of Ramona and Allessandro made famous in Helen Hunt Jackson's western novel and source of the famous Ramona Pageant.  We also overlook the historic Juan Bautista De Anza Trail.

Along the way we meet Jose Murillo's California Conservation Corp work crew and talk to Jose about the trail work he's been doing over the past year.  This hike was a nice surprise as we hike up to two summits and discover a picturesque valley in mid spring.

Trail Photos

Trail Video

Head over to my web page for additional links and bonus audio on the Murder of Juan Diego

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Episode 58 Los Pinos Peak Day Hike


In this episode Dave and I take a short day hike to the summit of Los  Pinos  Peak, the fourth highest summit in the Santa Ana Mountain range of Southern California  

At a modest elevation of 4610 feet, it features a magnificent view over the southland. Eastward, views range out to the11500 foot Mt. San Gorgonio and toward  San Jacinto's 10,804 foot summit. To the South, Mt Palomar’s High Point can be seen as well as the lesser known peaks in Southeastern Riverside, inland San Diego and Anza Borrego.  To the north; Mt. Baldy, Cucamonga Peak, Ontario Peak and Baden Powell’s summit from the San Gabriel Mountain Range stretch northward and finally, to the west, all of Orange County’s urban sprawl spreads out toward the Pacific Ocean. All of this visible from this short day hike to Los Pinos Peak in the Cleveland National Forest.

Along the way Dave and I meet two energetic trail runners and an avid mountain biker while on our adventure and take a quick tour of the Blue Jay Campground.

Be sure to check out the photos and our video we shot along the way.




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